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We have carefully developed our ‘end to end’ development process in a detailed and regimented procedure but one we think serves to highlight our advantages in the market place.

Partly based on existing software procedures and designed with the concept of unsurpassed quality in mind, our methodology also incorporates integrated elements that make software delivery unique such as complex user interfaces, high end technology use, and broadly distributed approaches to sharing information.

Constant review and improvement, even during the course of a rapidly developed project, is achieved through the flexibility in the procedure due to iteration of many parts of the process especially during the design and planning phases.

Either as part of a full development schedule or individually, our solutions can be delivered when needed, as the process is modular. This is a key aspect of the methodology.

The end user is not left out of our process. We keep constant contact with end users and clients to model the software to the slightest business change.