About Us

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EXOR Group Ltd provides software solutions for the small and medium sized enterprises and has been setup up by a director who is actively involved in a number of sectors and has successfully conducted a number of projects for Maltese and foreign clients. Our drive has always been to provide a simple solution even when this solution is seemed to be impossible. With this drive, EXOR Group Ltd has become a leader finding solutions, which fit the client needs and budget.

EXOR Group Ltd also enjoys a well established network of system developers, architects, engineers and support staff in different business areas. This makes it easier to deliver the right systems and to understand the needs of small and medium sized enterprises. To strengthen our market position, we intend to actively involve development partners, that is, clients who are willing to design and use our products before they are marketed to the general clientele. This approach makes sure that the products have been built with an embedded business interest, and have been tested and used in real business scenarios.