Future Homes – The Kitchen

The kitchen is the major operations hub within our homes. We tend to discuss daily matters, prepare our daily food to consume and get information from the media. The list of activities carried in the kitchen continues to grow in relation the ever changing world. The technology experienced so far in kitchen has change over the years but the change was slow and evolution has not been in line with the human evolution. The stove used by our ancestors in very similar to today’s ovens when comparing then at the technological level that is a source of heat bakes a cake or cooks some the turkey during the festive seasonsbuy maxalt.

MEDIC: the doc wins!

buy lasix 500 mg“Hello Sir, I have analysed your biometric data and you are of excellent health today. I suggest taking it light on the 3 o’clock meeting not to increase your stress level for the day” No, this is not a message from JARVIS featured in IRON Man but from Medical Expert Diagnosis for Individual Care, better known as MEDIC. MEDIC is constantly monitoring your personal health with discretion while in constant contact with all medical services on the national and international grid. MEDIC is also connected to the internet collating all of the information about the latest research on any topic of medical interest. As a last weapon against illness, MEDIC is able to learn from other MEDIC units, especially those monitoring your next of kin, to provide the best possible advice in time.

RFID – The Devil Inside

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a system that is going to replace barcodes. The system is made from 2 components, a passive or active RFID tag typically consisting of a chip and an antenna and a RFID reader that sends a signal to the tag and collects data. Active tags include a battery to enable them to transmit data over longer distances than passive tags. The distance covered between the sender, the RFID reader, and the receiver, the RFID tag, is determined by the power that each antenna is able to transmit. The shortest distance covered is considered as the effective range. This means that if your reader can transmit over a 10 meter range while your tag can transmit to a 10 cm range, the effective range is 10 cm.

Digital Signage - The Insights

Digital signage is the new advertising medium that is replacing traditional medium at a very accelerate pace like wildfire. The new medium offers a more compelling content that printed media and it engages users more. cheap directx 10 graphics card

This engagement is what drives this accelerated growth. On the islands of Malta, lately, we have seen a number of digital billboards being set up in different locations but they lack the ultimate engagement that todays’ technology is promising to people. Some of these digital billboards are also placed in locations that are high above the ground in way that look like gods overlooking us humansdiscount exelon.

Security - Flawed by Design

order zovirax ointment onlineEntities are investing loads of money to keep their systems updated with their current business needs. This approach is highly recommended as it shows a sense of maturity by these entities not to allow systems to dictate how business practices are carried. Systems administrators involved in such process tend to ensure that data in such systems is protected. Simple mechanisms such as data back up on a frequent basis and user authentication with access policies are typically found in requirements lists when an entity is requesting a new system. Security measures like these must be operated by the entity, but in most cases of data theft, it has been found that such measures were operated properly but the culprit was difficult to identify.

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